Customers Feedbacks

Matthias A., Stäfa

Our Kenya Safari with Richard Schmid was extremely impressive and unforgettable. He is a competent and careful travel guide and has brought us very close to fauna, flora and the population. My personal highlights were the Massai Mara National Park and a visit to a school in Nakuru. I can absolutely recommend the Eco Safari.

Giuseppina, Uster

My childhood dream came true with Eco Safari. An unforgettable journey ! The safari with Richard and Ekai touched my senses and inspired me strongly. Eco Safari succeeded in bringing me closer to Kenya's natural beauty, the animals of the wilderness and the impressive, exciting and fascinating culture of the tribes and to awaken my interest in it.

Richard's knowledge of Kenya's nature, language and culture and with Ekai, as a knowledgeable local, I always felt safe. I appreciated their flexibility, with which they also covered the needs and wishes of our great travel group. Thank you for everything!

Family Randegger, Stäfa

For our family the trip with Eco-Safari was an absolute highlight. Richard made it possible for us to realize a long-cherished wish at short notice. The vastness of the savannah and the peace in the comfortable camps far away from civilisation let us forget the everyday life and we could dive into the fascinating animal and plant world. The stay with the Maasai, the visits to orphanages and schools are unforgettable and deeply impressive experiences that touch the heart. We have met many loving, friendly people, encounters that enrich us and that we would not want to miss.


For me, who went on this trip without any special ideas or ambitions, the experienced two weeks were an absolute highlight. The endless vastness of the savannah impressed me as much as the wild animals and the people living there. I found it very impressive how the Maasai still seem to live their traditional culture, even though their environment seems to be quite modernised, although not yet to the same extent as in Europe. Due to the professional and good around the clock care of our guides and the crew I felt extremely safe in the middle of the bush even in the tent among all the wild animals.


Over dusty roads our journey led from Nairobi to Nyeri. With Richard as my tour guide I was doubly comfortable: to have a companion in a foreign country who is familiar with Kenyan culture and who also could communicate in English and Swahili without any effort. We stayed in the middle of nowhere, in a fantastic guesthouse surrounded by flowers, plants and bushes of all kinds. A farmhouse just like out of a picture book! Equally unique was the hospitality of Petra and her staff. The food was an experience every day and with the local specialities (buffalo meat!) a culinary "safari" of its own. Impressed by the nature and the excursions to different parks, I was amazed by Richard's knowledge about Kenya's flora and fauna. He always guided us through the wild bush landscape of Africa with the help of a tracker, without me ever feeling uncomfortable.


With my trip to Africa, I opened a door that has enriched my life with so many positive experiences. A door that will not close again so quickly.

U.Lechmann, Wolfhausen

For me it was a journey of total relaxation and variety in the vast, exciting, animal-rich, diverse and impressive national parks of the highlands of Kenya. On the game drives I fell into an observation fever, which totally fascinated me. The great competence in knowledge about nature, animals, people and geography of the drivers and Richard, has stimulated my joy of observation. I am also very happy how respectfully they deal with the beauty of nature and the diversity of animals in the National Parks.

P Lechmann, Wolfhausen

 I like to think back to the beautiful, interesting and exciting safari trip. Richard's commitment to nature, but also to the people of Kenya made this trip unique for me. What certainly also contributed to the success was the great travel group, as well as the knowledgeable and friendly driver guides. The routes were very well and carefully chosen. The accommodation was rather luxurious, but I learned to appreciate this luxury.

M. Dreher, Uster

To experience the vastness of Africa with Eco Safari is an unforgettable experience. Travelling in small groups contributed no less to relaxation and enjoyment. Richard with his rich and competent knowledge of fauna and flora brings Africa closer to you in a pleasant and impressive way.

We not only visited the animals in their habitat, but also learned a lot about life in Africa by visiting social institutions and markets. The memory of a wonderful journey remains alive and makes you want to repeat it. "Sundowner" - the gaze sweeps across the vast steppe, the sun sinks glowing red on the horizon and a herd of wildebeests passes by.

Family U., Uster

We were in Africa for the first time and had little idea what to expect. So we were all the more curious as to whether everything would work out. Would the children like it too? Everything went as planned and we experienced Kenya in a wonderful, impressive way and thanks to Ekai from Eco Safari we felt competently and safely accompanied. Ekai was very flexible and took time to respond to our needs and thanks to his great expertise we learned a lot about the wildlife of Africa. Our three children were also fully involved from the first moment. We will remember the trip as a great experience. We now understand how important it is to bring nature closer to people through experiences, so that people recognize its importance and take care of it.

Olga and Pina. Uster

After our eight-week stay at an orphanage, we brought it to a wonderful conclusion with Eco-Safari. Apart from the fantastic nature we also enjoyed the culture of the Maasai. Our driver Ekai impressed us with his vast knowledge of Kenya's flora and fauna, but also with general information about the country. He led us for five days, first to a Maasai Resort and then to the wonderful Massai Mara National Reserve.

We always felt in good hands and could enjoy our last days in Kenya to the fullest.

Kaleb B., Sulzbach

Tiere, Natur und Kultur hautnah erleben

In den zwei Wochen, die wir mit Eco Safari reisten, besuchten wir die Massaimara und den Samburu Nationalpark.Die wunderschöne Landschaft und die vielen Tiere in der Mara machten für mich die Reise unvergesslich. Wir durchforschten die Parks nicht nur mit dem Safariauto, sondern machten auch mehrere Buschwanderungen, auf denen man noch näher an die Natur herankommt. Wir nutzten auch die Möglichkeit, eine Bootstour auf dem Lake Naivasha zu machen, um Wasservogel zu beobachten. Am Abend in den gut ausgewählten, meist alternativen Loges, hatten wir Zeit, um in unserem Expetitionsjurnal die gesichteten Tiere einzutragen oder an der Abendunterhaltung teilzunehmen. Da wir mit dem Auto reisten, sahen wir viel von der Kultur Kenias und von den Landschaften der verschiedenen Regionen. Die Reise war gut geplant und wir bekamen alle notwendigen Informationen. Vielen Dank für die unvergessliche Safari! - Kaleb B., Sulzbach

Carmen T., Zürich

Ausgewählte Orte - Entspannte Atmosphäre 

Mit Richard und Ekai auf Safari war ein schönes und entspanntes Erlebnis! Der Mix zwischen schönen, ausgewählten Orten (Lodge/Guesthouse-Farm) geniessen und der Tierwelt von Kenia begegnen, hat für mich völlig gestimmt. Ein Highlight war das Eintauchen im Samburu National Park zu Fuss auf Spurensuche der Wilden Tiere. Dies ist ein völlig anderes Gefühl, da überall Wildtiere zu Hause sind und man dieser Welt mit Achtsamkeit und dem Wissen von Richard und den Einheimischen Experten (Ranger) begegnen muss. Toll!! - Carmen T., Zürich

Verena W., Gossau ZH

Ideal introduction into the African continent

I was able to travel to Kenya for the first time under the expert guidance of Richard Schmid. The focus was on the Masai Mara and the Samburu National Parks, with the transfers also being part of the travel experience. This trip in a small group was an ideal introduction to a new country. Richard was born here and his heart beats for the country and its people.

The plentiful information about the country and its inhabitants was important to me, because I didn't want to see "only" animals. Thanks to carefully selected lodges, nature was always right in front of the "tent door". Ekai, our friendly driver took us safely from A to B. But above all his skill as a safari driver in the sometimes difficult terrain was impressive.

It was good to have enough time to observe the animals, but it wasn't just the BIG FIVE. The enjoyment of the bird world was also conveyed to me. Thanks to the observation journal, I still know today what a great variety of animals I was able to see live for the first time in my life. On well-escorted, secured bush walks we came close to nature: a privilege.

The visit to the Nairobi slum was very impressive. I was impressed by the work that people there do for the orphanage and school. - This project is also actively supported by Eco Safari.

Who would I recommend this trip to?

- Anyone who travels to Kenya for the first time.
- Anyone who wants to get to know the country better: definitely as a second trip.
- Anyone who appreciates small tour groups.
 - Anyone who appreciates time for observation of the wildlife.
- Anyone who appreciates cosy lodges

Dear Richard, thank you very much for these beautiful travel experiences.

Kaleb B., Sulzbach

Experience animals, nature and culture up close

In the two weeks we travelled with Eco Safari, we visited the Masai Mara and the Samburu National Park. The beautiful landscape and the many animals in the Mara made the trip unforgettable for me. We not only searched the parks by safari car, but also made several bush walks, where one gets even closer to nature.

We also took the opportunity to take a boat trip on Lake Naivasha to observe waterfowl. In the evening, in the well-chosen, mostly environmentally-friendly Lodges, we had time to note down the animals we had seen in our expedition journal or to participate in the evening entertainment.

Since we travelled by car, we saw a lot of the culture of Kenya and the landscapes of the different regions. The trip was well planned and we got all the necessary information. Thank you for the unforgettable safari!

Carmen T., Zürich

Selected places - Relaxed atmosphere

The safari with Richard and Ekai was a lovely and relaxed experience!

Enjoying the mix between beautiful, selected places (Lodge/Guesthouse-Farm) and coming into contact with the wildlife of Kenya was just right for me. A highlight was the immersion in Samburu National Park on foot in search of traces of the wild animals.

This is a completely different feeling, as wildlife is at home here and you have to face this world with attentiveness and the knowledge of Richard and the local experts (Rangers). Great!!

Yella Ann S., Sulzbach

The magic of Africa

My partner and I were able to spend two unforgettable weeks in Kenya with Eco Safari. On the safaris in the Masai Mara and in Samburu, we could experience the wild animals up close. With visits to Masai villages and schools, we were able to get to know African culture.

Very hospitable people. The programme of these two weeks was very varied and exciting. Customer requests were met and we felt safe at all times. Holidays that we will remember positively for a long time to come.

Urs Siegfried und Simone Haug, Zürich

Man kann es nicht anders sagen: Unsere Keniareise mit Eco Safari war schlicht grossartig. Die Tiere, die Landschaft, der Himmel, das Licht und die Menschen waren überwältigend und haben uns tief berührt. Richard und Cyprian haben eine Reiseroute und eine Unterkunftsauswahl zusammengestellt, die perfekt zu unseren Bedürfnissen passte. Genau die richtige Mischung aus Safari, Strand und Stadt; das hat uns einen wunderbaren Einblick in die sehr unterschiedlichen Teile dieses unglaublich facettenreichen Landes ermöglicht. Löwen beobachten beim Frühstück im traumhaften Amani Mara Camp in der Maasai Mara, ein Bad bei Sonnenaufgang am weissen Strand des Indischen Ozeans und eine grüne Oase mit idyllischem Garten im hektischen Nairobi sind nur eine kleine Auswahl der vielen Höhepunkte. Am wichtigsten aber war Ekai, unser Guide. Er hat Leoparden für uns entdeckt, den Land Rover souverän durch jede Art von Dschungel gelenkt und mit seiner Offenheit, Wärme und Kompetenz dafür gesorgt, dass wir uns jederzeit sicher, wohl und willkommen gefühlt haben. Die beste Reisebegleitung, die man sich wünschen kann.

There is no other way to say it: Our Kenya trip with Eco Safari was simply great. The animals, the landscape, the sky, the light and the people were overwhelming and touched us deeply. Richard and Cyprian put together an itinerary and accommodation selection that perfectly suited our needs. Just the right mix of safari, beach and city; this gave us a wonderful insight into the very different parts of this incredibly diverse country. Lion watching over breakfast at the gorgeous Amani Mara Camp in the Maasai Mara, a sunrise swim on the white beach of the Indian Ocean and a green oasis with an idyllic garden in hectic Nairobi are just a small selection of the many highlights. But most important was Ekai, our guide. He spotted leopards for us, steered the Land Rover confidently through every kind of jungle and made us feel safe, comfortable and welcome at all times with his openness, warmth and competence. The best travel companion one could wish for.

Familie Passerini

Als erfahrene Kenia Liebhaber:innen und Safari Wiederholungstäter:innen mit hohen Erwartungen haben wir mit Eco Safari beste Erfahrungen gemacht und eine unvergessliche Reise erlebt. Wegen vorgängigen Covid-19 Komplikationen haben Richard und sein Team vor Ort das Programm mehrmals flexibel angepasst und das Beste herausgeholt. Die Auswahl der Parks und Unterkünfte war perfekt, und mit Davis hatten wir einen äusserst kompetenten, sympathischen, zuverlässigen und humorvollen Guide und Chauffeur. Davis hat uns viel Zeit in und mit der Natur vermittelt und mit uns sein Wissen und seine Leidenschaft zu Kenia geteilt. - Familie Passerini, Eglisau

As experienced Kenya lovers and safari repeat offenders with high expectations, we had the best experience with Eco Safari and an unforgettable trip. Due to previous Covid-19 complications, Richard and his team on site flexibly adjusted the program several times and brought out the best. The choice of parks and accommodations was perfect, and with Davis we had an extremely competent, friendly, reliable and humorous guide and chauffeur. Davis gave us a lot of time in and with nature and shared with us his knowledge and passion for Kenya.