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Eco Safari is a matter close to the heart. It was founded by Richard Schmid, born and raised in Mombasa, now living in Uster, Switzerland. He is a member of the Field Guide Asscociation South Africa and probably the only Swiss with Safari Guide Level 2 training in Kenya. He and his team bring you closer to his beloved Kenya in all its facets - the diversity of the unique wildlife, the proud people and the magnificent landscapes.

Eco Safari can sensitize travellers to the ecological context and invite them to visit and support social projects.

Guides you can trust

Eco Safari Ltd. Nairobi, Kenya

With Eco Safari Ltd. in Nairobi, we are represented directly on site by our own staff. Cyprian Otieno as experienced tour operator and Ekai Peter Lomelo as travel-guide/driver with excellent knowledge. Both have the appropriate training and are constantly kept up to date by Richard Schmid. And above all, they share the philosophy of ecological travel.

They are your reliable and trustworthy local contacts who give everything to make your safari a great, unforgettable travel experience.

A big advantage of Eco Safari over other big, impersonal agencies is that you don't get just any driver guide, but ours. This ensures personal guidance and guarantees that your ideas and wishes will be taken into account whenever possible.

Guides you can trust
Richard Schmid